We’re a collective of entrepreneurs, inspirational and educational thinkers, and intentional doers working in an old brownstone in Salida, Colorado. We love what we do, why we do it, and who we’re working with. We live and thrive on the joy and the nourishment we get from the profound and meaningful mission of Pinto Barn. Click on a pic for bios.
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Bodhi is our Smile Bringer and CCO, Chief Cuteness Officer. Bodhi is offen confused for a dog, when in fact he is a valued member of our strategic team. Highly skilled in sniffing out even the smallest morsels of great ideas, he can be found hard at work under the conference room table after a meeting that involved snacks, or sleeping in his circular, soft, pillow-like workstation dreaming of new products.

Kim Cobbs – Human Development and Mastery. We like to say, “All roads lead to and go through Kim.” She is the central nervous system for our company culture. She is wise and present and aware of the big picture. What we do is guided by our being, and Kim’s leadership in Human Development and Mastery is focused on empowering every member of the team to contribute and develop their unique gifts for the sake of creating products that positively affect the whole life of an individual. Kim reminds us often to stop, inquire and recognize what, how and why we do what we do. She is the angel on our shoulder.

Robert Bauer – Sales. Bob tells our story with both heart and mind. Credentialed with business school and time at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bob left the large-scale corporate world of NYC to guide our actions at Pinto Barn. Bob has the perfect balance of brilliant financial savvy and innovative thinking. He provides a deft hand and an open heart for the present and forward thinking, pragmatic and useful modeling of what is possible in the future. In a fast-changing global business climate, Bob is the guy with his hands on the controls, always with a smile. He is an inspiration and a joy to be with.

Lee Hunnicutt – Business Development. Lee is the person you would want to help develop anything. A true renaissance man. He is adventurous, daring, endlessly curious and passionately engaged in life. A father and husband. Lee is known as someone who is competent to the core, always prepared and informed while remaining open to the mysteries of life. He has a successful background in real estate development and was an early proponent of New Urbanism. He is an active skydiver, scuba diver, skier, river boater and holds the current world record for formation skydiving. He is a U.S. Army veteran with two Purple Hearts. He lives in Salida, Colorado with his wife Susan, a prominent artist.

Todd Armstrong – Supply Chain. Every company culture needs a mind and heart that places value on materials management. Todd is our director of “utmost care.” He is an artist at designing and implementing systems that help us know where every package is from the moment it leaves the supplier’s field to the moment it arrives at its customer destination. Todd gives us the ability to do what we do because kids all over the world need our safe food. He manages global smiles and we are all better for his magic and prowess.

Shane Wright – Operations. Shane is integrity in motion. He is like a solo free climber on a 3,000 foot rock wall. Strong, steady, precise and completely and totally stoked. His training as a paramedic has blessed him with the emotional experience to keep calm and focused when our food production equipment pitches a fit. Shane has been there, done that. He is on it. Father, husband, friend, he is deeply respected and loved for his dedication and humility. Every meadow needs a rock to hold it in place. Shane is ours.

Beth Bechtold – Operations Consultant. As a partner to husband Brad, Beth has the enriched eye of someone who is steeped in the experience of mastering the craft of commercial food production. She keeps us safe. Her processes and systems compose a symphony from the complex parts of equipment, place, ingredients and people. She is a graceful orchestra leader with an eye for detail and a heart stretching out to the children that she serves with her work. Beth has blessed us with her gifts of being attentive, patient, present and kind. Her life is full with the love of family. Our lives are full with the love and care she has given us.


Karen Anttila – Production Lead. Lead Care-Baker Karen provides our Kitchen with a bounty of gifts from her inner riches. As a trained Reiki master, she contributes her energy to our food production in the same way a rising tide lifts all boats. We are all better and happier for her presence. She mixes and measures and blends our ingredients with an enlightened ritual that infuses our food with love and care. She is a devoted mother and friend. We are grateful to Karen for keeping the energy flowing.

Jane Pinto is the CEO and Founder at Pinto Barn. Jane is often referred to as a “force of nature.” Brilliant, energetic, intuitive and generous in thought and deed. She is both leader and teacher. Her style is contagious, and she is on a mission to grow companies and grow people. She is a woman of dignity and grace with an enormous capacity to innovate and attract like-minded people who wish to make the world happier, healthier, wiser and freer. Pinto Barn represents a lifetime of Jane’s experience in business. She believes that something new is happening, and it has to do with how each of us connects and cares for each other. Jane lives in Salida, Colorado with her co-founder husband Doug and their twins Gray and Lily.

Arika Banghart – Finance. Arika personifies tenacity and care in keeping our business connected with the reasons we’re here. She balances profitability with our social consciousness and mission to create to safe food. We rely on her ability to listen and respond. She is warm and gracious. Coming home to her family after a meaningful day of “work worth living” is what she cherishes most.

Doug Pinto is a Co-Founder at Pinto Barn. Doug is an emotional wellness practitioner and Ontological Coach teaching mindful awareness. Calm, compassionate, curious and introspective. Doug believes in paying close attention to what is happening within from the perspective of our bodies, thoughts, feelings and emotions. He is a key innovator at Pinto Barn and is particularly interested in creating products and services to manage stress and overcome specific challenges like food allergies, anxiety, insomnia, perfectionism and worthlessness. Doug lives in Salida, Colorado and shares life with Jane and twins Gray and Lily. When he is not fully engaged in helping others and growing Pinto Barn, he is studying the great wisdom teachers.

David Armstrong is the Chief Operating Officer at Pinto Barn. The first thing you may notice about Dave is the magical resonance in his voice. It is the sound of power and wisdom. He is a unique blend of experience and vitality who brings a laser focus to both process and intention. Dave believes that performance, health and happiness are grounded in the skillful management of energy. He is rock steady, thorough and a gifted communicator of what needs to happen and what is possible. He brings a history of experience in manufacturing, sales and marketing, business development and P&L management for both large companies and start-ups. He lives in Salida, Colorado with his wife Kathy and is the father of five grown sons.

Brad Bechtold – Operations Consultant. Brad has a passion and a gift for guiding safe food operations that inspires our Care-baking team. He and his wife Beth together have created our operations plan and have guided development of our good manufacturing processes. Brad is the perfect blend of tenacity and perseverance—you have to be to direct the complexity and responsibility of making food that is 100% safe for kids with nut allergies. He is wholehearted, a man of faith and a devoted husband and father. He is one of the key reasons for our operations success.

Erica Armstrong – Sales. Erica is gifted with a unique balance of esthetic and precision. She is style personified. Smart and sharp with a refined sense of who our customers are and what they need. Erica comes from a diverse retail background in merchandising, store design, product development and brand building. She has a particular affinity for collaborative and discovery processes that help uncover new processes and customer needs. She is always on the lookout for new ways to create a life worth living. Erica lives and plays in Salida, Colorado.

David Hill – Nourishment. David is responsible for making connections. Sourcing the “what” and connecting it with the “how.” He is the link in how our food products come into being. Keen, mindful and attentive, he has an appreciation for the little things in business and in life. David has a history of working with agricultural products and how they move from farm to table. He has been a pioneer in developing new ways of delivering and distributing food products based on fairness and reciprocity. David has gentleness and kindness that belie years of working in competitive commodity-based trading. He values community and gives thanks daily for the fruits of our planet.

Leslie Kemp – Marketing Communications. Leslie is our resident master storyteller. Her more than 20 years of experience, wisdom and authenticity as a communications professional provides us with a unique and powerful capacity to speak and live our mission. She is kind and wise and compassionate. She radiates care. Leslie believes that what we say to each other creates our reality and guides our actions. With Leslie as the steward of our unfolding Pinto Barn story, we know we are on a path to unimagined potential. Leslie enjoys sharing life in Salida with her husband Dave, a GIS professional, and their two children.

Stefan Craine is Chief Strategy Officer at Pinto Barn. Every ship needs an experienced navigator and Stefan is ours. Rock steady. Keen vision. He is highly skilled in the art of getting from here to there. As a seasoned, high level business analyst and strategist, Stefan’s travels have taken him around the world into the heart of many companies who have benefited from his knowledge of how things get done and the wisdom of why things get done. He is passionate about delivering new and meaningful ideas to the marketplace. Stefan helps us chart our course to both create and discover our passion and purpose. He lives and plays in Salida with his partner Denise and daughter Maya.

Bobbi Wilson – Customer Love and Care. Love and Care. That’s our Bobbi. It begins with listening. She is our director of “smiling” listening. She keeps us in touch with how our products are being received by our customers. Insight. In-mind. If we are not “in-gaged” with our customers, we are living “at” our customers rather than “with” them. Bobbi holds the center of our commitment to always listen and respond from the point of view of “with.” Our products bring hope and help re-establish trust with food. Bobbi is your resource for good energy. Her light is always on.

Kelly Roberts – Creative Direction. Kelly is color in motion. She loves to create stuff. Graceful, artistic, whimsical, fun and mindful, she has her creative hands in “what you see and feel” from Pinto Barn. Her work translates our vision, intention and actions. She is our resident visual storyteller with more than 20 years of design and branding experience. Kelly lives in Crestone, Colorado with her husband, Bill, and daughter, Isabella. She loves to hike and bike and travel and laugh. Kelly is our secret stash of imagination.

Jay Hake – Co-Founder. As a founding member of our Pinto Barn team, Jay offers us the grounding perspective of reminding us of where we have been, the impact of our present actions and the importance of care as we move into the future. As Chief Legal Counsel he plays a vital role in our conversations of operations and investments. Jay is a gatherer of great stories through his fascinating experiences with adventure, human potential and the arts. He is a man of many rivers. Jay lives happily in Salida, Colorado with wife Lisa and daughter Margaret.

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