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What is a
Whole Life?

We are living in times of streaming distraction and busyness. Most of our positive and negative energy is invested in doing, doing and doing. We have been trained and conditioned to do in order to have so that we might possibly be something or someway in the future. 

At Pinto Barn we believe that the words slow down have never been so desperately needed. “Slowing” means simplifying and becoming quiet to listen to our soul. The Whole Life we speak of at Pinto Barn and intend to serve with our products inspires us to live the being, and from that will come the doing.

Whole Living: 
Body, Mind and Spirit

Pinto Barn products seek to fulfill the Body, Mind and Spirit. Our Don’t Go Nuts product line addresses not only nutrition, but also safety, security and fun as we seek to help make children “whole” as they live with the challenges of a life threatening allergy. 

At Pinto Barn we love a Whole Life. We love gusto and zest and verve. We love a hammock and a hammer. Waves and still waters. Cacophony and silence. Giving and receiving. Things buried and things found. Things broken and things healed. We like turning and we like going straight. We are on a mission to be purposeful, strong and healthy. We seek to balance inspiration with discipline. We take courage and follow our vision. Our products share that spirit.